Benoit Jammes (France) - [o-o]

Benoit Jammes is a French graphic designer and photographer living and working in Paris. With his [o-o], a series of cassette relooking, he gives life back to vintage tapes by making references to pop culture: “It so happened that I found a bunch of old cassettes at home. Seeing them brought me back to the 80s, when I was a kid. In any case, I could not play them any more. Resurrecting them sounded a good idea for me. It was sound, it became visual… and I am pretty sure they are happier now than in a shoebox :-) I think people from my generation would relate to this series of work and would be happy to see these old cassette tapes managed to start a new life!”

View the full set on artist’s Facebook or Flickr. © All images courtesy the artist

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Curator’s Monday 147 - Artist on Tumblr

Chris Thornley aka Raid71 | on Tumblr (UK)

Chris Thornley, also known as Raid71, is a graphic artist/designer living on the wild moors of Lancashire, UK. Chris constantly tries to adapt and be versatile, striving to illustrate a solution or provoke further ideas or concepts. His works include commercial and private commissions, editorial work for magazines and newspapers aimed at modern culture and society as well as science and technology and childrens books. His art has appeared in exhibition across the globe in both solo and group shows.

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Alex Konahin. He says that he is a graphic artist taking commissions in traditional media. His drawings and sketches are from the world of insect and human body. He is very talented! I really like his artwork. Visit his page and print his drawings. 


My work at #printhousegallery in #dalston 😛 #mcq #mcqueen #fashionillustration #illustration #art #designer #blackwhite #black #illustration #exhibition #artist #paint #connielim #illustrator #drawing  (at Dalston)


My work at #printhousegallery in #dalston 😛 #mcq #mcqueen #fashionillustration #illustration #art #designer #blackwhite #black #illustration #exhibition #artist #paint #connielim #illustrator #drawing (at Dalston)


Loui Jover. That’s so good. I want to have one of them in my room. Loui says: "Right now I like making ink drawings on adhered together sheets of vintage book paper, there is a fragility to these images that I find interesting (as if the wind may blow them away at any moment) and the hand drawn stark black lines against the intricate printed words of the book pages offer a strange fusion and depth that seems to give the images a kind of ‘meaning’ and back story, even though unconnected in a contrived way.”


Tumblr Artist

Angelika J. Trojnarski | on Tumblr (b.1979, Poland/Germany) - Paintings Collages Objects. Archival and reprographic paper, spray paint, paper tape

Charles. 22x26 cm (2012)
Kolossos. 40x36 cm (2012)

Angelika J. Trojnarski was born in Poland and lives in Düsseldorf, Germany. Her art heralds the forces of decay, the picturesque of ruins, and evokes the eroded dignity of all things temporal so unerringly that one scarcely believes young buds still will grow. “I don’t paint people, I paint their remains”, Angelika Trojnarski sums up her basic Vanitas motif. Please visit artist’s website or follow her Tumblr for more work.

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Sung Jin Kim (b.1973, Korea) - A Short Break / The Lip. Oil on canvas (2010)

The talented Korean artist Sung Jin Kim has an exquisite obsession: his photorealistic painting focuses primarily on the female lips. The incredible precision in his painting seems to capture the pure sensuality, leaving often the viewers speechless.

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Old cassette tapes are used to recreate these rock and pop icons in dramatic artistic form. This beautiful campaign for a Brazilian radio station, was created by agency RC Communication Brazil in collaboration with artist Erika Simmons.